Who we are

My name is Helen Lisowski, and I head up FluidWorking.

FluidWorking began years ago when a client I was working with wanted to re-brand, but when I offered him a list of possible new business names, he turned down the Fluidworking name.  Where he wasn’t impressed with the name, it spoke to me of the flexibility of working in agile ways, so I bought the domain.

In the early days I used it to host a platform for blogging about working in agile ways – predominantly from the perspective of Scrum Masters, with whom I was doing a lot of work.  Over time the blog posts became more about agile management, agile leadership and agile businesses.

The original Fluidworking blog had allowed me to tell stories for several years, but eventually it wasn’t representing the type of work we were doing because by this time FluidWorking was a tiny little consultancy.  You can still read most of the blog posts from those early years – we kept them (we’re sentimental like that!)  and continue to add to the library.

Now however, Fluidworking.co.uk showcases much more accurately all the types of work we do and not just the stories behind specific isolated learnings.

A bit about us:

  • Each of us has been involved in agile for well over a decade from International Corporations to startups, and everything in between.
  • We have helped take the software release processes of several companies from yearly releases to monthly or weekly releases.
  • We have each been part of leadership teams struggling with rapid growth and the challenges recruiting and retaining talent in these sorts of environment brings….as well as the challenges that such an influx of new staff can have on an existing culture.

A bit about working with us:

You can read more about what working with us as consultants and trainers looks like on the relevant webpages, for now let us summarise it as this:

We are outcome driven, and believe the way to be successful is too address a client’s specific needs and problems.  We personalise and tailor our advice and recommendations towards addressing those specific needs.  We are framework agnostic, choosing an evidence-based approach.

We will recommend and implement whatever the best solution is for your business, at this point in time, with the people you currently have in place.  Even if that is a blend of frameworks, or an entirely new approach.  We have the experience and the knowledge to help you be a little better tomorrow than you were yesterday, and to compound those gains over time.

If this approach is appealing, we would still recommend you keep the following in mind:

Ask us for evidence.

We’ll tell you about real life examples of what worked and what didn’t, and why on both accounts.

Ask us for references.

You will have seen the ‘Kind Words’ on the website, but if that isn’t enough social proof, We’d love to put you in touch with either one of the people quoted or someone else that has experience working with us that is very relevant to the problem you are trying to solve.

We don’t suit everyone – that’s ok, we understand.

If you want to talk to us about a piece of work and then choose not to hire us to deliver it, that’s fine.  Just like polo’s and a cup of tea; both are excellent, just not together!  We might even be able to recommend a different consultancy that would suit you better.