Leadership & Management Training

We may have mentioned before that at Fluidworking we are all about tailored solutions. We have found however that people often prefer a nudge in their thinking about what it is they actually need rather than a completely blank canvas, which we know can be frankly overwhelming.

To this end we have list here of the most popular training and workshops that we have done for clients in the past, along with a short list of others that are currently I development. If you see something that looks kinda right, feel free to contact us and let us know what changes you would want in order to make it perfect.

As we may also have mentioned; we love unique!


Much of the fluid working training is modularised, so we have some examples here of how we can package things together to give you a comprehensive, rounded learning experience.


Zero to One for Agile Teams

This is a package of Training and Set up for a new or pilot agile team. It takes 5 days plus any extra modules included.

It’s a collection of training modules that make up the agile teams’ equivalent of Couch -to-5k. It can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs, however the modules suggested are a solid collection of all the activities that are usually required to get a team from zero to competent on their agile journey. It includes not just training, but some coaching and consultancy as part of the package to make sure that se both define what success looks like, but actually deliver that success too. Read more


Jira Adoption in a Day

One team, in one day.

Starting where they are today, this workshop takes them through all the steps they need to be fully functioning and effective with managing their work in Jira. The secret sauce to this workshop is using real work, not contrived examples. This means that the team and the Jira project are both up, primed and running from the end of the workshop.Read more


Agile Management Skills

This training course is typically 1 or 2 days for groups of between 6-12 attendees and is delivered in 2 parts. The first covers 3 topics; Recruitment, Retention and Results, aligned as it is to the key areas of focus for a manager, and the skills needed for each. In the second part of the workshop we will help facilitate a review your existing processes in light of what we have learned in the first part of the workshop. For each of them we will use system thinking techniques to identify areas to enhance and areas to minimise or eliminate to maximise the effectiveness of each of these processes. Read more

Individual Courses

A Change Agent’s Play Book

This hands on workshop is suitable for everyone who needs to enable change in human behaviour, whether they are looking to work in agile ways or not. It is available as a 2 hour module, a half day or full day workshop. Read more

Essential Agile Skills

This is a 1 day training course with a an ideal range of 6- 20 attendees. It is aimed at agile newbies, people who have not worked in this way before and, we can’t stress this enough, is agile framework agnostic.

Whilst the course is aimed at novice agile practitioners, we have found many companies have used it to ‘re-set’ and baseline agile working for a company that has perhaps not had the best experiences with introducing agile working in the past, but needs to get it done effectively. Read more

Meaningful Scrum Mastery

This full day workshop is a deep dive into the key skills needed to be a great Scrum Master… whether or not you are actually running a SCRUM model, the role of a Scrum Master is very often the key to a successful adoption of agile practices for a team. Read more

 Courses Coming Soon!


Recruitment, Retention, Results: Agile Management and Leadership – 4 week programme.

Introduction to some Root Cause analysis techniques you can implement immediately – half day training.

Asking Better Questions: Advanced skills for better outcomes from your 5-whys – 1 day.