Agile & Leadership Training & Consultancy

Changing human behaviours is difficult, but we can all do difficult things.

“Difficult is not bad, difficult is not impossible… Difficult is just difficult. And you can do difficult things.
– Justin Su’a

We describe ourselves as outcome-driven.

We want to find what will work for your company, right now at this point in time, with the people you currently have in place.

At FluidWorking we have a great deal of experience particularly working in agile technical environments:


Training and up-skilling staff

Developing talent

Coaching management and leaderships skills


We have literally been there, done that… and then iteratively learned to do it better, in many different contexts.

We are all about tailored solutions – we want to be successful, and we are only successful when you are successful.

We get our kicks out of meeting people and companies where they are in their journey right now, and then helping them be better. We understand that ‘better’ is defined differently for each person or company. After all, your business is unique, so your path to better will probably be unique too.

We love unique.

We appreciate quirky.

We revel in difference.

We believe that successful training changes people’s behaviours. A good deal of psychology and behavioural science goes into the structure of our training courses. This is specifically to ensure that attendees know how to implement the learnings and develop themselves further after the course.

Training is only successful when it is effective, and effective training changes people’s behaviours.

See what we offer in the way of training / learning opportunities – all completely customisable for you, of course.

For a more comprehensive or structured set of outcomes we offer bespoke consultancy, again tailored to deliver exactly what your company needs.

So we would like to welcome to FluidWorking, we are very pleased to see you here. Have a look round, and get in touch if you have any questions we can help you with.

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